Life can be difficult, and if you haven't got a couple of mental issues yourself, you probably know someone who has

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Having issues yourself, or knowing someone who has, is perfectly normal and acceptable (yeah, it really is), but still you often end up feeling stigmatized if you try to be open about it.

And getting help for dealing with the issues is not always a piece of cake.

Even though your friends and family love you, they might not have the knowledge or skill required to help you (even though they would very much like to), and professional help may be expensive and/or hard to get.

At MoodKick we want to help you address and improve your issues yourself - e.g. quell bad habits, change destructive thought patterns and build self-confidence - and support you in working towards living as positive and as prosperous a life as possible.

MoodKick adresses this with modern IT and smartphone technology, enabling us to help you on your own premises and in the situations and contexts that are relevant to you.

MoodKick also helps you bridge your plans for getting better with friends, family and professionals, enabling all of the good resources in your life to collaborate on helping you improve your mental health.

That is why MoodKick is your mental sidekick.

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